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iPad Magician in London

iPad Magician in London

Looking for an original and innovative way to attract new customers ? You organize a business night and you want to make an impression? Do you participate in a trade show such as the car show, and you want to highlight your new car model?

You are a cosmetics brand and you want to catch the eye of passers-by or future customers by showing your products?

Digital magic is the solution for you ! This new approach to the art of illusionism is perfect to easily generate new contacts, develop your customer file, and more generally to attract sympathy, develop brand awareness.

The mentalist magician in London, offers innovative solutions with iPad magic. The latter uses smartphones or tablets to offer spectacular and fun magic tricks. They seduce the general public and your customers by its great modernity. The possibilities are endless and many, depending on your expectations and your specifications.

Big companies

You can ask the conjurer to guide you step by step and offer you innovative solutions to enhance either your logo or your product. The mentalist magician in London has worked for many companies such as Porsche, Yves-Saint-Laurent, Renault, Peugeot, Clarins, Bose, Hermes.

Digital technologies

With each time high-end services, designed to appeal to the greatest number. Each client could see the development of his orders following an intervention of an illusionist on a stand or a trade show. The digital magician in London can bring up the iPad logo of your company, your latest product, whether it is a perfume or the latest model of your car.


iPad Magic works well at Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Product launches and all corporate events.

The possibilities are endless and allow to highlight all your latest innovations, stand out from the competition. The iPad magic appeared in the 2000s, together with the development of smartphones and tablets. Magicians have always used the tools of their time.

Already, Robert Houdin, father of the modern prestidigitation, used the latest innovations to astonish his contemporaries. Feel free to contact the mentalist magician in London for any free quote request in iPad magic, one of his specialties.

This illusionist, who is a member of Magic Circle, also hosts many gala dinners and corporate parties every year, and is a specialist in corporate magic.