A magical business night

Magician Mentalist London

Magician Mentalist London

Break the ice and amaze your guests at your corporate party with the presence of a mentalist magician in London. Member of Magic Circle, this illusionist has worked for many companies such as Cartier, Ferrari, Samsung or Louis Vuitton. Make your event a success thanks to the presence of a conjurer! The latter puts forward your brand and your logo for example with iPad magic. A unique and modern way to enhance your business with your guests.

After a good day of brainstorming or meeting what better than a moment of relaxation in the presence of a mentalist magician in London. The latter will playfully conclude your work session. You can also work with this magician to deliver messages to free speech and spirit. Your employees will thus be aware of your message in a fun way.

Amaze your sponsors, your customers but also your employees with a mentalist magician in London! Whether for a corporate meal, a roadshow, an incentive or simply a seminar, the illusionist will entertain all guests. However, remember to tell the magician the number of people present at your party. Because beyond 200 people, it takes two magicians minimum!


Trade Show in London

You attend a trade show in London, your booth is struggling to attract the world. The presence of a magician is a great idea to boost your booth and develop your sales! With more than 20 years of experience, the mentalist magician in London can offer you new solutions to strengthen your message, highlight your new products. Develop your business especially with digital magic. A unique and modern way to attract new customers !

Corporate close-up party

Do you want to leave a lasting impression and your guests remember for many years your business night? The presence of a mentalist is a great idea. This last will make live your guests a moment a forgettable. Imagine rather: your guests will see rings flying, objects disappear, the mentalist guess their credit card number or the name of their wife, see a name they chose freely. Whether it is for a Christmas tree, a seminar, a gala evening or a trade show, magic animations are adapted to all your requests. Magic is a great tool that seduces young and old, wake up our child’s soul. Surely the mentalist magician in London will make your guests dream.

Mentalist magician in London, the illusionist also officiates for weddings. You can contact him via the contact form or directly at contact@magician-mentalist-london.co.uk